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The White Ship. The Tree. The Tomb

Издательство: Т8
Год издания: 2018
ISBN: 978-5-521-05158-8
Наличие: отсутствует

В сборник американского короля ужасов и сновидений, писателя-фантаста с мировым именем, Говарда Филлипса Лавкрафта вошли известные рассказы, завораживающие и пугающие одновременно. Вместе с героями и автором читатель узнает секрет Страны Воображения и Недостижимых Наслаждений, посетит обитель Мечты, откроет для себя город Чудес. Но возможно ли смертному человеку достичь загадочной Обители Богов не во сне, а наяву?.. Читайте зарубежную литературу в оригинале!

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06142-6
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Tom Sawyer, a shrewd and adventurous boy, is as much at home in the respectable world of his Aunt Polly as in the self-reliant and parentless world of his friend Huck Finn. The two enjoy a series of adventures, accidentally witnessing a murder, establishing the innocence of the man wrongly accused, as well as being hunted by Injun Joe, the true murderer, eventually escaping and finding the treasure that Joe had buried.
Une Vie
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06223-2
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Guy de Maupassant est le maitre de la nouvelle litterature francaise du XIXe siecle, repute pour ses nouvelles a chute. Il a publie une vingtaine de recueils de morceaux de prose en neuf ans, avec un penchant pour le naturalisme. Le roman «Une Vie» raconte l'histoire de Jeanne, une jeune ?lle issue de la petite noblesse. Elevee dans un couvent, elle reve d'un bonheur romantique, de merveilles et d'amour, elle voit le monde a travers des lunettes roses et prend le premier venu pour l'homme de sa vie. Cet homme, c'est Julien, un gentilhomme apauvri mais seduisant, qui epouse Jeanne pour s'emparer de sa fortune et recherche des aventures en dehors des liens de mariage. Une fois mariee, la pauvre Jeanne embrasse une vie pleine d'epreuves et de deceptions...
Oeuvres de Moliere
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06134-1
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Moliere est le nom de scene de Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, un dramaturge francais du XVIIe siecle. Comedien et directeur de troupe surnommee «Troupe de Moliere», il est l'inventeur de la comedie classique. Ses pieces sont jusqu'a present les plus lues du monde. Le present recueil comprend ses chefs-d'?uvre «Tartuffe», «Le Mariage force», «Les Precieuses ridicules» et d'autres.
Vanity Fair
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06225-6
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Written in 1848, Vanity Fair is an excellent satire of English society in the early 19th Century. Thackeray states several times that it is a novel «without a hero», and at a couple of points tries to claim that Amelia, a good person but who inevitably comes across as rather wishy-washy, is the heroine. Thackeray apparently saw people as «abominably selfish and foolish», and this negative view comes across loud and clear with his use of vicious vocabulary, and his unremittingly dark portrayal of human nature. The author's voice is continually present, and his wry observations do contribute to making the novel vastly entertaining. They were also intended to make it instructive to his readers.
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06221-8
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Ulysses is a snapshot of one day's life. Ulysses has been labeled dirty, blasphemous, and unreadable. It is funny, sorrowful, and even suspenseful. And despite the exegetical industry that has sprung up in the last 75 years, Ulysses is also a compulsively readable book. Even the verbal vaudeville of the final chapters can be navigated with relative ease, as long as you're willing to be buffeted, tickled, challenged, and (occasionally) vexed by Joyce's sheer command of the English language. Among other things, a novel is simply a long story, and the first question about any story is: What happens? In the case of Ulysses, the answer might be Everything.
Three Men on the Bummel
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06211-9
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Conceived as a fairly serious guide to amateur boating on the Thames in 1889, Jerome K. Jerome's best-known novel ended up as a hilarious account of the misadventures of three friends and a dog as they attempt to relax and enjoy themselves amid unreliable weather forecasts, imaginary illnesses, repellent cooking, and an unopenable can of pineapple chunks. Jerome's heroes proved so popular that he brought them back for an equally picaresque bicycle tour of Germany, an adventure recorded in Three Men on the Bummel.
The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06174-7
1235руб Купить
Martin Chuzzlewit, or «the American one», as fans of Dickens often refer to it, is «The Inimitable»'s sixth novel, written and published in twenty monthly parts between January 1843 to July 1844, when its author was between 30 and 32. It is a typical Dickensian romp of a ride, with thrills, passion, savage mockery, suspense — and ?ashes of absurd humour amidst the despair. The novel lunges between hyperbole and whimsy, switching at a moment's notice, and it contains some of Dickens's most memorable characters. There is the seedy but charming schemer Montague Tigg (Tigg Montague), and his associate Chevy Slyme, the eccentrically fey and colourfully attired barber and bird-fancier Poll Sweedlepipe, the staunch ally Mark Tapley, the undertaker Mr Mould, the buxom goodhearted pub landlady Mrs Lupin, the poor addled old clerk Chuffey ... or is he really so confused?
The Awkward Agel
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06146-4
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Making her debut in London society, Nanda Brookenham is being groomed for the marriage market. Thrust suddenly into the superficial and immoral circle that surrounds her mother, the innocent but independent-minded young woman even finds herself in competition with Mrs Brookenham for the affection of the man she admires. Only an elderly bachelor, Mr Longdon, is immune to this world of greed and scheming, and determines to rescue Nanda from its corrupting influences out of loyalty to the deep love he once felt for her grandmother.
The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06140-2
527руб Купить
Mark Twain's brilliant 19th-century novel has long been recognized as one of the finest examples of American literature. It brings back the irrepressible and free-spirited Huck, first introduced in The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, and puts him center stage. Twain's classic tale follows Huck and the runaway slave Jim on an exciting journey down the Mississippi.
Sons and Lovers
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06130-3
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Sons and Lovers is a wonderful novel on the complex nature of love in its many forms. We follow the lives of the Morel family who live in a coal mining community in Nottinghamshire at the turn of the twentieth century. Walter and Gertrude's marriage has problems and Gertrude concentrates her love and hopes on her sons. She becomes a dominating force to them and the life choices they make. The sons suffer with obsession, frustration and indecision about the women in their lives.
Melmoth the Wanderer
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06082-5
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Created by an Irish clergyman, Melmoth is one of the most fiendish characters in literature. In a satanic bargain, Melmoth exchanges his soul for immortality. The story of his tortured wanderings through the centuries is pieced together through those who have been implored by Melmoth to take over his pact with the devil. Influenced by the Gothic romances of the late 18th century, Maturin's diabolic tale raised the genre to a new and macabre pitch.
Martin Eden
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06080-1
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The semiautobiographical Martin Eden is the most vital and original character Jack London ever created. Set in San Francisco, this is the story of Martin Eden, an impoverished seaman who pursues, obsessively and aggressively, dreams of education and literary fame. London, dissatisfied with the rewards of his own success, intended Martin Eden as an attack on individualism and a criticism of ambition; however, much of its status as a classic has been conferred by admirers of its ambitious protagonist.

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