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Литература на иностранном языке

Жанр: Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках / Литература на иностранном языке
Taming of the Shrew, Shakespeare William
Classics, Wordsworth 2018, ISBN: 9781853260797
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Edited, introduced and annotated by Cedric Watts, Research Professor of English Literature, University of Sussex. The Wordsworth Classics’ Shakespeare’s Series presents a newly-edited sequence of William Shakespeare’s works. The textual editing takes account of recent scholarship while giving the material a careful reappraisal. The Taming of the Shrew is one of the most famous and controversial of Shakespeare’s comedies. The central relationship, in which Petruchio boisterously `tames’ a rebellious Kate, has often appeared problematic. In the theatre, it has been treated in a diversity of ways, so that Kate’s apparent capitulation varies between the ironic and the sincere. Feminists have been divided in their responses. The provocative vitality of this comedy has been transmitted by numerous adaptations for stage and screen, notably the film directed by Franco Zeffirelli and the Cole Porter musical, Kiss Me, Kate.
Wedding Night, Kinsella Sophie
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552778527
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To Love, Honour and Betray (18+)
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552775649
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Shopaholic to the Stars (A), Kinsella Sophie
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552778541
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Natasha’s Dream. Мечты Наташи
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552150927
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1925, a damp wintry night in Berlin. Englishman Philip Gibson, in Germany to seek the answers to a tantalising mystery surrounding the Grand Duchess Anastasia, witnesses an attack on Natasha, a young woman who has fled from Russia. When Philip takes the fragile, lonely Natasha in to help her recuperate, she quickly falls for his kind and caring nature. But when further threats are made on her life, Philip finds himself at the heart of another mystery. What is it that links Natasha to this mysterious, damaged woman? And will her love for Philip survive the secrets that will be unearthed?
My Not So Perfect Life, Kinsella Sophie
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9781784162825
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Mini Shopaholic (The Number One Bestseller), Kinsella Sophie
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552774390
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Confessions of Shopaholic (film tie-in), Kinsella Sophie
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552775199
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Coastliners (B) Каботажники, Harris Joanne
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552998857
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Boy Who Fell to Earth (18+)
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552776820
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Beach Babylon (B)
Transworld 2018, ISBN: 9780552154635
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Harry Potter: Cinematic Guide: Hermione Granger
Scholastic UK 2018, ISBN: 9781338116755
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