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Художественная литература на англ. языке

An Outcast of the Islands = Изгнанник островов, Conrad Joseph
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06448-9
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An Outcast of the Islands was only Conrad’s second novel, but in its theme, in its impressionistic use of scenery, and, and over all, in the enormous richness and power of the writing, it predicts Conrad’s position as a literary figure of the highest rank. Peter Willems, a clerk in Macassar, granted a “second chance” at a remote river trading post, falls ever more hopelessly into traps set by himself and others. A parable of human frailty, with love and death the major players, this is a story of a man unable to understand others and fated never to possess his own soul.
Skin and Other Stories (Ned), Dahl Roald
Puffin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-14-136558-9
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Almayer`s Folly = Глупость Альмайера, Conrad Joseph
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06447-2
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Joseph Conrad’s first novel Almayer’s Folly is a tale of personal tragedy as well as a broader meditation on the evils of colonialism. Set in the lush jungle of Borneo in the late 1800s, it tells of the Dutch merchant Kaspar Almayer, whose dreams of riches for his beloved daughter, Nina, collapse under the weight of his own greed and prejudice. Conrad established in Almayer’s Folly the themes of betrayal, isolation, and colonialism that he would explore throughout the rest of his life and work.
Allan’s Wife = Жена Аллана, Haggard Henry Rider
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06435-9
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The novel H. Rider Haggard’s celebrated Allan Quatermain series, this book tells more stories of Quartermain’s time in South Africa — presenting his observations about two dueling witch doctors, his father’s death, and, eventually, the fate of his wife, Stella.
Allan and the Ice-Gods = Аллан и боги льда, Haggard Henry Rider
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06444-1
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This novel is the final volume of the Allan Quatermain saga. Once more Quatermain takes the hallucinogenic taduki drug, as he did in previous novels, and he finds himself reliving as Wi, an civilized man living in the barbaric ice age as part of a clan of cavemen. The novel has been noted as a treatment of the topics of eugenics and evolution in literature and culture.
Afloat and Ashore = На море и на суше, Cooper James Fenimore
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06654-4
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Afloat and Ashore is a nautical fiction novel by James Fenimore Cooper. Set in 1796-1804, the novel follows the maritime adventures of Miles Wallingford Jr., the son of wealthy New York landowners who chooses to go to sea after the death of his parents. The novel is partially autobiographical, in part by Cooper’s own experiences as a sailor, and is his first full-length novel to fully employ a first-person narrative.
House Husband, the, Patterson James, Swierczynski Duane
BookShots, Random House 2018, ISBN: 978-1-78653-098-1
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A Set of Six = Набор из шести, Conrad Joseph
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06676-6
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Joseph Conrad was a Polish-British writer regarded as one of the greatest novelists to write in the English language. Though he did not speak English fluently until his twenties, he was a master prose stylist who brought a non-English sensibility into English literature. He wrote stories and novels, many with a nautical setting, that depict trials of the human spirit in the midst of an impassive, inscrutable universe.
Skeleton Crew (Ned), King Stephen
Simon & Schuster UK 2018, ISBN: 978-1-5011-5678-6
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Dark Tower IV: Wizard and Glass (Ned), King Stephen
Simon & Schuster UK 2018, ISBN: 978-1-5011-6183-4
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Wedding in Maine, a, Patterson James, McLaughlin Jen
Random House 2017, ISBN: 978-1-78653-120-9
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Persuasion, Austen Jane
Vintage Classics Library, Vintage books 2018, ISBN: 978-1-78487-288-5
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