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Культура и искусство на английском языке

Topographic Anatomy and Operative Surgery, Николаев А. В.
ГЭОТАР-Медиа 2018, ISBN: 978-5-9704-4549-5
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The textbook provides topographic descriptions of organs and tissues in the regions of the human body strictly to the layer-by-layer principle and applies the terms from the latest offi cial international anatomic nomenclature (AN, Rome, 1999) both in English and in Latin. It also lays out the most wide-spread surgical operations. This edition includes cases and tests for self-assessment as well as over 400 fi gures, both original and modifi ed from other manuals. The revised and improved textbook is designed for the third-fourth year Englishspeaking medical students.
Textbook of Human Anatomy. Volume 2: Splanchnology, Колесников Лев Львович
ГЭОТАР-Медиа 2018, ISBN: 978-5-9704-4540-2
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This book provides essential facts of human anatomy for medical students. It demonstrates the basic knowledge for exam preparation and practice review of visual experiences. Plenty of clear illustrations (more than 900 pictures, radiographic and cross-sectional images) help students memorize the topics of anatomy. Modern imaging technologies allow the depiction of organs and systems in a variety of ways to gain thorough knowledge and to link to the clinical setting. The content of the book corresponds to the Federal Program for medical education. Material is divided according to systemic anatomy into three volumes. Volume 2 contains information about internal organs development (Respiratory, Urinary, Reproductive, Lymphoid, Cardiovascular systems and Endocrine glands).
The Liquidation of Russia. Who Helped the Reds to Win the Civil War?
Питер 2018, ISBN: 978-5-4461-0486-4
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The book by Nikolay Starikov, the author of bestselling «Rouble Nationalization — the Way to Russia's Freedom», "Who set Hitler against Stalin? " and many others, follows the events of the Civil War. The Russian statesmanship, its territorial integrity, and the economy of the country perished in the vortex of the Civil War. The Romanovs, the Russian Navy, the Russian Army, and millions of Russians were destroyed. The consequences of this horrible civil strife have not been overcome until today. In this book, you will find a lot of little-known facts, as well as answers to many questions: — Who staged and directed the liquidation of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century? — Who needed the Russian strife and who could gain from it? — Who forced Lenin to liquidate the Tsar's family? — Who is guilty of the murder of Nicholas II's children? — Why did the leaders of the revolution repeatedly try to drown their own navy? — Why did Vladimir Lenin order to execute the Tsar's family and at the same time ensured safety of other members of the Tsar dynasty? — Why didn't the Entente help the White movement? — Why was Admiral Kolchak murdered and why did the White Guard soldiers have to fight? — Who made the soldiers of General Yudenich die in Estonian extermination camps? — Who needed to have the troops of Denikin, Kolchak, Yudenich, and Wrangel liquidated? The burnt Russian villages and mass graves tell us the truth about the Russian strife, the truth about the outcome of the Civil War. Who guaranteed victory for the Reds, destroying their contenders? Who made this bloody merry-go-round possible? Who placed the stake? The stake on the Bolsheviks...
1917. Key to the "Russian" Revolution
Питер 2018, ISBN: 978-5-4461-0485-7
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It wasn't by chance that the Russian Empire collapsed in 1917, and nor was it the case with the Soviet Union. In both cases a powerful external force initiated Russia's falling apart using villains and fools, who completely destroyed their own country for money and attractive promises. The history of this great catastrophe still holds many mysteries, and there are much more questions than answers here. Germany, which is still blamed for it, was not more than a tool and fell a victim to its own revolution afterwards. February 1917 — this is when the Russian catastrophe of the 20th century started, and we paid too high a price to overcome the damage. However, as soon as we forgot how Russia's geopolitical enemies had destroyed our country, disintegration and chaos came back. In both cases, this force hid behind the smokescreen of an «alliance» and «universal values». And now their conceptual descendants, sufficiently sponsored from abroad, are ready to provoke a new revolution in Russia. Read this book and learn: — why Nicholas II and his brother abdicated so easily; — who and how arranged Lenin's return to Russia in a «sealed» railway car; — why the British agent Oswald Rayner put a security round into Grigori Rasputin's forehead; — why the German General Staff never knew they had a spy by the name of Ulyanov; — why the Provision Government paid for the passage of revolutionaries, who were going to overthrow them; — why Alexander Kerensky didn't fight Bolsheviks but played a giveaway game with them and tried to hand the power to Lenin. — Kerensky = Gorbachev = Yeltsin = ...? Enough of this! There should be no more revolutions in Russia!
Trump Revealed
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**NEW YORK TIMES BESTSELLER** `Excellent book... skilful and meticulous' David Aaronovitch, The Times Hailed as `authoritative' and `essential', Trump Revealed is the indispensable and updated biography of the 45th president of the United States. Co-authored by Michael Kranish and Marc Fisher, the investigation was guided by the team who inspired the Academy Award-winning film Spotlight, which stars Michael Keaton, Mark Ruffalo and Rachel McAdams. WHO IS DONALD J. TRUMP? To discover Trump in full, the Washington Post assembled a team of award-winning reporters and researchers to investigate every aspect of his life, from his privileged upbringing, his lawsuits, his infamous womanizing, his ever-changing party affiliation, and his astonishing, disruptive election as president in November 2016. What emerges is a portrait of an indecisive man with a penchant for big bets — on property, branded businesses, and, ultimately, on himself. Trump Revealed provides essential insight into this billionaire businessman, celebrity, and global brand who is now the president of the United States. `Useful, vigorously reported' New York Times
Dali, Neret Gilles, Descharnes Robert
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This book deals with the seminal surrealist. It explores Dali's grandiose and grotesque oeuvre. Picasso called Dali "an outboard motor that's always running. " Dali thought himself a genius with a right to indulge in whatever lunacy popped into his head. Painter, sculptor, writer, and filmmaker, Salvador Dali (1904-1989) was one of the century's greatest exhibitionists and eccentrics — and was rewarded with fierce controversy wherever he went. He was one of the first to apply the insights of Sigmund Freud and psychoanalysis to the art of painting, approaching the subconscious with extraordinary sensitivity and imagination. This publication presents the entire painted oeuvre of Salvador Dali. After many years of research, Robert Descharnes and Gilles Neret finally located all the paintings of this highly prolific artist. Many of the works had been inaccessible for years — in fact so many that almost half the illustrations in this book had rarely been seen.
Film Posters of the Russian Avant-Garde, Pack Susan
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Back in the USSR 250 film posters capture the cultural energy of the pre-Stalin era At the intersection of the visual, graphic, and cinematic arts, film posters are a unique and thrilling record of a particular cultural Zeitgeist. This book brings together 250 posters from the pre-Stalin Soviet Union of the 1920s and 1930s to explore the energy and invention of this period, before Soviet Realism became the official art doctrine. Drawn from the private collection of connoisseur Susan Pack, the selection includes the work of 27 different artists. From bold figuration to architectural elements, each artist displays a distinct style and aesthetic, as much as they collectively eschew the glamour of Hollywood for more stark, striking, even challenging images, often marked by unusual angles, dynamic compositions, and startling close-ups. About the series: Bibliotheca Universalis — Compact cultural companions celebrating the eclectic TASCHEN universe at an unbeatable, democratic price! Since we started our work as cultural archaeologists in 1980, the name TASCHEN has become synonymous with accessible, open-minded publishing. Bibliotheca Universalis brings together nearly 100 of our all-time favorite titles in a neat new format so you can curate your own affordable library of art, anthropology, and aphrodisia. Bookworm's delight — never bore, always excite! Text in English, French, and German
Альбом "Санкт-Петербург и пригороды" англ. (м), Anisimov Yevgeny
Золотой лев 2017, ISBN: 978-5-9500614-2-4
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Альбом "Санкт-Петербург и пригороды" англ.яз.супер, Anisimov Yevgeny
Золотой лев 2017, ISBN: 978-5-9500613-5-6
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Альбом "Санкт-Петербург и пригороды" англ.яз., Anisimov Yevgeny
Золотой лев 2017, ISBN: 978-5-9500613-1-8
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ArchiMap. Карта Самары 1920-1940 (английская версия)
TATLIN 2017, ISBN: 978-5-00075-145-9
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The architecture guide serves to recreate the reality of Samara (Kuybyshev) in the 1920-1940's, which is the formative period of the constructivism landmarks. This publication presents 11 walking routes (each ~5 km-long) that comprise 123 sites and 1 additional directions. Each site has a corresponding photo mark on the back of the map, and for each there is a name, address and route's site number listed. The guidebook includes an introductory article by historians of architecture.
The Name of God is Mercy, Francis Pope
Macmillan 2017, ISBN: 978-1-5098-4651-1
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The Name of God is Mercy, Pope Francis' exploration on the universal theme of mercy, is a spiritual inspiration to both followers of Christianity and non-Christians around the world. Drawing on his own experience as a priest and shepherd, Pope Francis discusses mercy, a subject of central importance in his religious teaching and testimony, and in addition sums up other ideas — reconciliation, the closeness of God — that comprise the heart of his papacy. Written in conversation with Vatican expert and La Stampa journalist Andrea Tornielli, The Name of God is Mercy is directed at everyone, inside or outside of the Catholic Church, seeking meaning in life, a road to peace and reconciliation, or the healing of physical or spiritual wounds.
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