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Словари на иностранном языке

5 Language Visual Dictionary
Dorling Kindersley 2020, ISBN: 9780241413036
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This is your one-stop shop to five European languages. With over 6,500 illustrated words and phrases in English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian, and now with a free audio app featuring all these languages, this learner dictionary offers a quick and stimulating way to learn and recall everyday vocabulary. Featuring a wide range of objects and scenes from everyday life, this dictionary shows you what others only tell you. Perfect for tourists and business travelers alike, DK’s 5 Language Visual Dictionary is your essential companion when buying food and clothes, talking about work and interests, discussing health and sport, and studying these languages. The dictionary is incredibly easy to follow, with thematically organized vocabulary so you can find closely related words according to a topic. Words and phrases are pictured with full-color photographs and illustrations, helping to fix new vocabulary in your mind. Five comprehensive indexes provide an instant reference point for each language. The supporting audio app enables you to hear each word and phrase spoken out loud by native speakers of English, French, German, Spanish, and Italian. Available on the App Store and Google Play, the audio app is easy to use and provides an intuitive reference for language learning, helping you learn, retain, and pronounce important vocabulary, and make yourself understood.
Dictionnaire de Francais argotique et populaire, Caradec Francois, Pouy Jean-Bernard
Larousse 2017, ISBN: 9782035925121
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— Plus de 11 000 mots, locutions et expressions, definis et souvent assortis d’exemples. — 100 encadres et lexiques thematiques, humoristiques et ludiques, regroupant ce que l’ordre alphabetique a disperse (le vocabulaire de l’argent, des bistrots, de la musique, de la police, de la prostitution). — En fin d’ouvrage, une anthologie poetique de l’argot, promenade de Francois Villon a Renaud, en passant par Aristide Bruant et Raymond Queneau.
Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary English-Russian with CD-ROM
Cambridge 2011, ISBN: 9780521181976
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The first edition of the semi-bilingual English-Russian version of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary with CD-ROM. This is the first edition of the semi-bilingual Russian version of the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, ideal for intermediate to upper-intermediate students. Russian translations are given for every sense, and thesaurus and common error notes give students extra help with producing English. The dictionary is accompanied by a CD-ROM containing the full text of the dictionary, and including SmartThesaurus, QuickFind, recordings of every word in British and American English, plus study material.
Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary with CD-ROM
Cambridge 2012, ISBN: 9781107660151
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The Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary is the best route to success in English. This new edition updates the existing content and contains new features to make learning English even easier. The new edition has been revised and fully updated throughout and includes many new words (e.g. phone-hacking, cloud computing, rare earth, toxic debt) with more than 35,000 definitions in clear, simple English. English Profile levels mark the essential vocabulary that students need to know at CEF B1-B2 levels, see www.englishprofile.org for more information. Mini-collocation panels help students to produce more natural English. Common mistakes are highlighted based on the Cambridge English Corpus. The accompanying CD-ROM includes a ’record yourself’ feature for pronunciation practice and spoken pronunciations of every word in both British and American English.
Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary with CD-ROM
Cambridge 2007, ISBN: 9780521682022
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A new edition of the acclaimed Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary, fully updated with many new words and extra help with collocations. Ideal for PET and FCE preparation With clear definitions and thousands of examples that put the language into context, this dictionary is an invaluable companion. The Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary CD-ROM includes the whole dictionary in a handy searchable format. You can listen to every word in British and American English — and even record yourself for comparison.
Cambridge Essential English Dictionary
Cambridge 2011, ISBN: 9780521170925
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A small, low-level monolingual English dictionary for beginners and pre-intermediate learners of English. Using a learner’s dictionary for the first time can be daunting, but the Cambridge Essential English Dictionary makes that first step easier for learners with short definitions that are easy to understand, and lots of example sentences to put the language into context. Mapped to a ground-breaking research programme, English Profile, this brand new edition of the Cambridge Essential English Dictionary now clearly marks essential vocabulary that students need to know at A1-B1 levels and helps students successfully prioritise learning. Ideal for KET, PET and Starters, Movers and Flyers Tests preparation. Key features Over 15,000 up-to-date words with clear and easy to understand definitions Hundreds of short, natural example sentences show exactly how the language is naturally used in spoken and written English ’Common Error’ boxes, based on the Cambridge Learner Corpus, help avoid mistakes that learners of English typically make Hundreds of illustrations and sixteen pages of colour pictures aid vocabulary learning and make it ideal for self-study Workbook-style Guide to the dictionary helps develop dictionary skills Access code to a free online dictionary and extra help with vocabulary learning
Юридические понятия и категории в английском языке, Федотова Ирина Григорьевна, Толстопятенко Геннадий Петрович
Монографии, Статут 2016, ISBN: 978-5-8354-0981-5
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Целью настоящего учебного пособия является развитие навыков и умений свободно ориентироваться в англоязычной юридической литературе. Учебное пособие содержит базовые понятия и категории, а также терминологию основных отраслей и институтов международного публичного права и англо-американского гражданского, уголовного и финансового права. Для студентов юридических факультетов и широкого круга лиц, интересующихся этой отраслью знаний. Настоящий словарь представляет в наиболее полном объеме юридические понятия и категории, сложившиеся в англо- язычной правовой культуре, и дает их максимально точное и подробное объяснение на русском языке.
Устойчивые сравнения шведского языка, характеризующие человека. Словарь, Алешин Алексей Сергеевич
Нестор-История 2017, ISBN: 978-5-4469-1179-0
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Словарь содержит свыше 350 устойчивых сравнений шведского языка, характеризующих человека. Описываемые единицы функционируют в шведской художественной литературе, публицистике и речи носителей шведского языка. Словарь предназначается студентам и преподавателям филологических факультетов вузов, гуманитарных факультетов вузов, в которых ведется преподавание шведского языка, специалистам в области лексикологии и фразеологии шведского языка, сопоставительного языкознания, лингвокультурологии, переводчикам, работающим со шведским и русским языками, а также широкому кругу лиц, интересующихся шведским языком и культурой.
Oxford Study Italian Dictionary, Bressan Dino, Glennan Patrick
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*Colour headwords and virtual alphabet tabs, alphabet strip on every page for easy navigation *Clear examples show the words in context *Help with grammar *Expressions and idioms highlighted *Masculine and feminine forms given clearly *Introduction on how to use the dictionary
Oxford School Spelling Dictionary
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This edition of the Oxford School Spelling Dictionary has been revised to include new words and has been fully updated in line with modern spelling and the curriculum. Its new layout makes this book simple and accessible with the alphabet on each page, a colour thumb tab, and guide words at the top of each page. Locating words has never been so quick and simple — here is the perfect book to make spelling easy and make children confident that they have got it right. The footnotes throughout help build spelling knowledge and lead children from an incorrect look-up to the right word easily. Panels give extra information on spelling rules to put the building blocks of learning in place. A great tool for supporting writers both at home and school.
Oxford Popular School Dictionary
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The Popular School dictionary has over 40, 000 words and phrases, with simple meanings and example phrases show how words are used. It includes words from the curriculum, international vocabulary and new words from ICT. It is ideal for quick word look-up at home.
Oxford Mini School German Dictionary
770руб Купить
The Oxford Mini School German Dictionary is the perfect bilingual dictionary for pupils learning German. The two sides of the dictionary are clearly divided into German-English and English-German, with an essential verb table list in the centre with essential English translations for the different tenses. The headwords are carefully selected to suit beginners, and particular attention is given to computing, word-processing, and ICT terms. In line with curriculum requirements, there is a special section dedicated to vocabulary and phrases on German life and culture. The simple layout, the alphabet down the side of each page, and the clear print will help pupils navigate around the dictionary and take them straight to the translation they are looking for. This dictionary comes in a handy mini-size format with a new eco-friendly binding, perfect for school bags and for taking on holiday. For downloadable fun activities in German, go online to the www.oxforddictinaries.com website.
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