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Словари на иностранном языке

Самый полный толковый словарь иностранных слов, Михельсон Мориц Ильич
АСТ 2017, ISBN: 978-5-17-103134-3
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Словарь включает свыше 11 000 статей, которые содержат цитаты, пословицы, пословичные выражения и иносказания, а также аналогичные выражения на пяти языках. В словаре объясняется ускользающий смысл многих заимствованных выражений, рассматривается совокупность сходных по смыслу выражений одновременно на нескольких языках. Эта книга в равной степени необходима как школьникам, студентам, преподавателям и переводчикам, так и всем, кого интересует отечественная филология.
Универсальный словарь английского языка
АСТ 2010, ISBN: 978-5-17-067683-5
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Универсальный словарь английского языка состоит из трех частей: англо-русского и русско-английского словаря (ок. 20 тыс. слов) для чтения и первода текстов средней сложности, русско-английского тематического словаря (ок. 8 тыс. слов) для пополнения активного словарного запаса пользователя и, наконец, словаря английских фразеологизмов и устойчивых словосочетаний (более трех тыс.), разделенных по темам и иллюстрированных примерами из живой речи. В конце словаря даны приложения, полезные для перевода с русского языка на английский. Словарь призван оказать большую помощь в изучении английского языка и предназначен самому широкому кругу пользователей.
Словарь-справочник по нормативному речеупотреблению
АСТ 2003, ISBN: 5-17-016957-4
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Словарь-справочник составлен на основе корпуса компьютерной базы данных «The Bank of English» и выпущен авторитетным британским издательством Collins Cobuild. Книга содержит 2000 словарных статей, расположенных в алфавитном порядке и содержащих грамматическую, лексико-семантическую и стилистическую информацию об отдельных единицах языка и группах из двух и более слов, а также о реалиях и понятиях англоязычной культуры, важнейших коммуникативных функциях и различных регистрах языка. Словарь содержит тысячи аутентичных примеров и практические рекомендации, позволяющие студентам-иностранцам избегать типичных ошибок словоупотребления.
Pocket Business Dictionary
Harper Collins UK 2016, ISBN: 978-0-00-745420-4
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Collins Pocket Business English Dictionary is the ideal reference for anybody who uses English for business. This handy, pocket-sized dictionary contains all the words and phrases you need to succeed in today's business world and to communicate with confidence in every situation. This dictionary contains up-to-date information on all the words and phrases used in international business, in both American and British English. As well as key business terms, the dictionary also contains a number of general English terms, which will enable users to communicate in all situations, whether in a business meeting or socializing with colleagues. This means that this is the only dictionary they need to carry with them. Definitions are written using simple language and are easy to understand. Examples, showing how words are used in business situations, are taken from the Collins Business Corpus. Collocations boxes show users how to build natural-sounding sentences in English. The dictionary also contains a supplement on useful phrases for business, which will ensure that users have all the language they need to communicate confidently in meetings, when negotiating and when socializing with their colleagues.
American Slang Dictionary and Thesaurus, Elizabeth Mary
Barron’s 2016, ISBN: 978-0-7641-3861-4
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This unique reference volume is two books in one: a dictionary of slang and a slang thesaurus, with both sections treating the same words and phrases. Entries are arranged alphabetically in the dictionary and thematically in the thesaurus, and include definition, pronunciation, part of speechA--and origins, usage information, and usage alerts when applicableA--in «both» the thesaurus and the dictionary. All entry words are visually coded to help you distinguish slang that is potentially objectionable from other slang, and all synonyms are coded for the level of formality (formal, informal, no register) and separated by part of speech. This gives you more information about the potential effects of your word choice on your audience, so you have a much better chance than with a A «regularA» thesaurus of picking the right word for your particular context the first time. Graphics and brief articles are added to show you slang A"under the hoodA"A--the patterns and features that characterize slang usage. With this book, youA'll be able to find out how the "screaming meemies "got their name, why someone might be offended if you use the apparently inoffensive word «crumbs, „which words that mean A“to killA» also mean A"to cause riotous laughter, A" and easily distinguish whether someone is an "old fart, a son of a bitch, "or just a "silly ass. "Here is a handy reference book for students, word buffs, and professional writersA-- a title that merits a place in every reference library. Printed throughout in two colors. "
Dictionary of Word Origins. The Histories of More Than 8,000 English-Language Words
Daedalus Books 2016, ISBN: 9781611450538
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What is the link between map and apron, acrobat and oxygen, zeal and jealousy, flour and pollen, secret and crime? Did you know that crimson originally comes from the name of tiny scale insects, the kermes, from whose dried bodies a red dyestuff is made? That Yankee began as a nickname for Dutchmen? That omelette evolved from amulette, "a thin sheet of metal, " and is a not-too- distant cousin of the word laminate? That jeans find their antecedent in jean fustian, meaning «a cotton fabric from Genoa»? The Dictionary of Word Origins uncovers the hidden and often surprising connection between words. Written in a clear and informative style, the more than 8,000 articles reveal the origins of and links between some of the most common English-language words. They also contain an extensive selection of words whose life histories are intrinsically fascinating or instructive. This dictionary shows how modern English has developed from its Indo-European roots and how the various influences on the language-from migration and invasion to exploration, trade, technology, and scholarship-have intermingled. It is an invaluable addition to any English or linguistics library.
Collins Chinese Pocket Dictionary. 3rd Edition
Harper Collins UK 2017, ISBN: 978-0-00-748553-6
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Offering the user up-to-date coverage of today's Chinese and English. Clear layout and presentation of information makes it ideal for all learners of both languages, for study, business and pleasure. Designed for those studying both English and Chinese, whether at school, for work or for travel, this is the ideal text for anyone who needs reliable information in a handy, portable format. — Offers up-to-date coverage of Chinese and English, with thousands of phrases and examples guiding the user to the most appropriate translation. — Help with the pronunciation of Chinese words, the dictionary includes pinyin for all Chinese headwords, translations, phrases and examples. Pinyin is the official phonetic system for transcribing Chinese characters into the Roman alphabet, and is accepted in all Chinese-speaking countries. — In addition, the dictionary also includes both simplified and traditional or complex Chinese characters. Simplified characters are generally used in mainland China and Singapore, while traditional characters are mainly used in Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau. — The radical index is a clear guide to looking up Chinese characters, helping the user to navigate the dictionary and find Chinese characters without knowing their pronunciation.o A practical supplement covers correspondence in Chinese and English, including sample letters, emails and CVs.
Мир тесен. Идиоматический словарь полиглота. Справочное издание, Шитова Лариса Феликсовна, Москалюк Галина Сергеевна
Антология 2016, ISBN: 978-5-9909211-1-5
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Современная разговорная речь образованного человека насыщена идиоматикой, поэтому важно осознавать, что сколь прочны ни были бы Ваши знания иностранного языка, без овладевания его фразеологией Вы не обретёте желанной свободы непринуждённого общения с собеседником. Это непреложная истина.
Oxford Dictionary of Chemistry
Oxford 2016, ISBN: 978-0-19-872282-3
1916руб Купить
Over 5,000 entries Fully revised and updated, the seventh edition of this popular dictionary is the ideal reference resource for students of chemistry, either at school or at university. It covers all aspects of chemistry, from physical chemistry to biochemistry. The seventh edition boasts broader coverage in areas including nuclear magnetic resonance, polymer chemistry, nanotechnology and graphene, and absolute configuration, increasing the dictionary's appeal to students in these fields. New diagrams have been added and existing diagrams updated to illustrate topics that would benefit from a visual aid. There are also biographical entries on key figures, featured entries on major topics such as polymers and crystal defects, and chronologies charting the main discoveries in atomic theory, biochemistry, explosives, and plastics.
Usborne German Dictionary for Beginners, Davies Helen
Usborne 2016, ISBN: 978-1-4749-0363-9
1633руб Купить
A colourful dictionary with over 2,000 words and phrases, each illustrated with amusing pictures of busy everyday scenes. Arranged thematically so words appear in context. Topics include buying food, at school, in the countryside and more. An online pronunciation guide on the Usborne Quicklinks website allows readers to listen to every word in the book, read aloud by a native German speaker.
Oxf Dict of Synonyms and Antonyms
Oxford 2014, ISBN: 9780198705185
1244руб Купить
An essential-nor to mention crucial, vital, and indispensable-point of reference for anyone wanting to find exactly the right word to communicate their meaning, The Oxford Dictionary of Synonyms and Antonyms puts more than 120,000 alternative and opposite-words at your fingertips. 3-е издание.
Collins Eng Dictionary & Thesaurus
Harper Collins UK 2015, ISBN: 9780008102876
1321руб Купить
All the words you need, every day: the perfect reference book to broaden your knowledge of English, and is ideal for everyday use, at home, in the office or at school.
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