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Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках

Жанр: Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках
Melmoth the Wanderer
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06082-5
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Created by an Irish clergyman, Melmoth is one of the most fiendish characters in literature. In a satanic bargain, Melmoth exchanges his soul for immortality. The story of his tortured wanderings through the centuries is pieced together through those who have been implored by Melmoth to take over his pact with the devil. Influenced by the Gothic romances of the late 18th century, Maturin's diabolic tale raised the genre to a new and macabre pitch.
Martin Eden
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06080-1
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The semiautobiographical Martin Eden is the most vital and original character Jack London ever created. Set in San Francisco, this is the story of Martin Eden, an impoverished seaman who pursues, obsessively and aggressively, dreams of education and literary fame. London, dissatisfied with the rewards of his own success, intended Martin Eden as an attack on individualism and a criticism of ambition; however, much of its status as a classic has been conferred by admirers of its ambitious protagonist.
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06031-3
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Emile Zola est un grand classique de la litterature francaise du XIXe siecle. «L'Assommoir» est un des plus beaux fl eurons de la litterature mondiale. Des banlieues de Paris du XIXe siecle sont presentees au lecteur sous une lumiere sordide. Accables par les privations, l'heroine principale, Gervaise, et son mari Coupeau cherchent a s'extirper de la misere. Vont-ils y reussir ou c'est le debut de leur degringolade?
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06023-8
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Two men — a boy who grows into early manhood and an old ascetic priest, the lama — are at the center of the novel. A quest faces them both. Born in India, Kim is nevertheless white, a sahib. While he wants to play the Great Game of Imperialism, he is also spiritually bound to the lama. His aim, as he moves chameleon-like through the two cultures, is to reconcile these opposing strands, while the lama searches for redemption from the Wheel of Life.
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-05957-7
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A portrait of the residents of an English country town in the mid nineteenth century, Cranford relates the adventures of Miss Matty and Miss Deborah, two middle-aged spinster sisters striving to live with dignity in reduced circumstances. Through a series of vignettes, Elizabeth Gaskell portrays a community governed by old-fashioned habits and dominated by friendships between women. Her wry account of rural life is undercut, however, by tragedy in its depiction of such troubling events as Matty's bankruptcy, the violent death of Captain Brown or the unwitting cruelty of Peter Jenkyns. Written with acute observation, Cranford is by turns affectionate, moving and darkly satirical.
A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06250-8
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A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man is a 1916 novel and cornerstone of literary modernism by Irish author James Joyce. The story follows Stephen Dedalus, Joyce's fictional alter-ego, and charts his path to personal and artistic maturity through his stream of consciousness. This is a non-linear narrative style typical of modernist prose in which a character's thoughts, feelings, and reactions are portrayed in a continuous flow and often disrupt the linear narrative of events and dialogue in the story.
The Liquidation of Russia. Who Helped the Reds to Win the Civil War?
Питер 2018, ISBN: 978-5-4461-0486-4
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The book by Nikolay Starikov, the author of bestselling «Rouble Nationalization — the Way to Russia's Freedom», "Who set Hitler against Stalin? " and many others, follows the events of the Civil War. The Russian statesmanship, its territorial integrity, and the economy of the country perished in the vortex of the Civil War. The Romanovs, the Russian Navy, the Russian Army, and millions of Russians were destroyed. The consequences of this horrible civil strife have not been overcome until today. In this book, you will find a lot of little-known facts, as well as answers to many questions: — Who staged and directed the liquidation of Russia at the beginning of the 20th century? — Who needed the Russian strife and who could gain from it? — Who forced Lenin to liquidate the Tsar's family? — Who is guilty of the murder of Nicholas II's children? — Why did the leaders of the revolution repeatedly try to drown their own navy? — Why did Vladimir Lenin order to execute the Tsar's family and at the same time ensured safety of other members of the Tsar dynasty? — Why didn't the Entente help the White movement? — Why was Admiral Kolchak murdered and why did the White Guard soldiers have to fight? — Who made the soldiers of General Yudenich die in Estonian extermination camps? — Who needed to have the troops of Denikin, Kolchak, Yudenich, and Wrangel liquidated? The burnt Russian villages and mass graves tell us the truth about the Russian strife, the truth about the outcome of the Civil War. Who guaranteed victory for the Reds, destroying their contenders? Who made this bloody merry-go-round possible? Who placed the stake? The stake on the Bolsheviks...
1917. Key to the "Russian" Revolution
Питер 2018, ISBN: 978-5-4461-0485-7
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It wasn't by chance that the Russian Empire collapsed in 1917, and nor was it the case with the Soviet Union. In both cases a powerful external force initiated Russia's falling apart using villains and fools, who completely destroyed their own country for money and attractive promises. The history of this great catastrophe still holds many mysteries, and there are much more questions than answers here. Germany, which is still blamed for it, was not more than a tool and fell a victim to its own revolution afterwards. February 1917 — this is when the Russian catastrophe of the 20th century started, and we paid too high a price to overcome the damage. However, as soon as we forgot how Russia's geopolitical enemies had destroyed our country, disintegration and chaos came back. In both cases, this force hid behind the smokescreen of an «alliance» and «universal values». And now their conceptual descendants, sufficiently sponsored from abroad, are ready to provoke a new revolution in Russia. Read this book and learn: — why Nicholas II and his brother abdicated so easily; — who and how arranged Lenin's return to Russia in a «sealed» railway car; — why the British agent Oswald Rayner put a security round into Grigori Rasputin's forehead; — why the German General Staff never knew they had a spy by the name of Ulyanov; — why the Provision Government paid for the passage of revolutionaries, who were going to overthrow them; — why Alexander Kerensky didn't fight Bolsheviks but played a giveaway game with them and tried to hand the power to Lenin. — Kerensky = Gorbachev = Yeltsin = ...? Enough of this! There should be no more revolutions in Russia!
Сказка о Вишенке, Адлунг Тамара Владимировна
Издательство Кетлеров 2017, ISBN: 978-5-906097-18-7
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Эта билингвальная книга написана для детей, владеющих русским и немецким языками. Но читать её можно ВСЕМ, кому интересно. Кто пока не умеет читать, может посмотреть картинки. Вы владеете и русским, и немецким, и рядом сидит милый ребёнок, готовый послушать сказку на обоих языках? Здорово! Рекомендуем читать каждое предложение или маленький отрывок текста сначала на одном, потом на другом языке. В большинстве случаев двуязычные дети владеют одним из языков лучше, чем другим. А иногда в голове у них вообще всё смешивается: фрукты они знают только по-русски, деревья только по-немецки, ну а названий птиц вообще не знают. Вот здесь-то и поможет разобраться, разделить языки двуязычное чтение.
Journey Through the Hermitage. Queen of the Tulips, Помидор Варвара, Агапова Дарья
Арка 2017, ISBN: 978-5-91208-280-1
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Тася и Ваня случайно познакомились в зале Рембрандта в Эрмитаже. Разные причины привели их туда: Ваня прятался в музейной толпе от усталости и плохого настроения, а Тася отстала от родителей и заблудилась, когда собирала впечатления для альбома. Подростки подружились, открыв в себе общую способность путешествовать во времени и пространстве, внимательно вглядываясь в картины. Образы стали для них порталами в иную реальность, в которой они встретили Рембрандта и его героев и познакомились с Царицей тюльпанов.
Нож. Лирика, Линдеманн Тилль
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Тилль Линдеманн уже давно не нуждается в представлении. Музыкант, автор текстов песен и солист группы Rammstein. В сборник вошли ранее не публиковавшиеся стихи Тилля Линдеманна, представленные здесь на немецком и русском языках. Его лирика провокационна и только настоящие ценители смогут по достоинству оценить ее и понять. В сочетании с иллюстрациями Матиаса Матиса эти стихи проведут нас по чувственному миру, сотканному из сексуальности и саморефлексии. В книге содержится нецензурная лексика. Ограничение по возрасту — 18+. Для кого эта книга Для поклонников Тилля Линдеманна Для любителей необычной провокационной поэзии Фишки книги Билингвистическое издание — стихи на русском и немецком языках Стильное черно-белое оформление Уникальная поэзия, которую можно найти только в этой книге Перевод было высоко оценен специалистами-германистами Отзывы Если вам нравятся тексты песен Rammstein, то, несомненно, это ваш выбор! Bullet Bob, amazon.com Я большой фанат Тилля и группы. Я прочел всю книгу в первый же день. Теперь она лежит у меня на работе, и я перечитываю по одному стихотворению каждое утро. Не буду спойлерить, просто приобретите эту книгу. И еще, тут потрясающие монохромные иллюстрации! Rmeaux, amazon.com Великолепная книга как для поэтов, так и для фанатов. Замечательно, что она была переведена. Curtis, amazon.com Стихи Линдеманна похожи на гильотину из слов. Это раны от отчаяния и надежды. Мысли о побеге, полные одиночества, исходящие из сердца, полного мужества и тоски. Рапира против посредственности и лживости. Лирический приговор, приведенный в исполнение.
Английский с Шервудом Андерсоном. Уайнсбург, Огайо, Андерсон Шервуд
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