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Exit West (Booker’17 Shortlist)
Penguin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-97906-8
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This is their story: a love story, but also a story about how we live now and how we might live tomorrow. Saeed and Nadia are falling in love, and their city is falling apart. Here is a world in crisis and two human beings travelling through it. Exit West is a heartfelt and radical act of hope — a novel to restore your faith in humanity and in the power of imagination.
Early Stories of Truman Capote, Capote Truman
Penguin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-20242-5
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Breathtaking ... The stories are special. They stand in their own right as lovely vignettes of the lives of the lonely, broken and troubled’ Andrew Johnson, IndependentWritten when Truman Capote was in his teens and twenties, these recently-discovered short stories give a rare insight into an American icon. Tales of disappointed lovers, ageing spinsters, hoboes and murderous housewives, of yearning, poverty, despair, compassion, wit and wonder, they show us the boy from Alabama who became one of the twentieth century’s most celebrated literary voices.’An intriguing glimpse of Capote as a boy: precocious, provocative, spirited and strange, a «pocket Merlin» spinning tall tales’ Olivia Laing, New Statesman.
LOOK. David Bailey, Higgins Jackie
Phaidon 2018, ISBN: 978-0-7148-5783-1
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One of the first celebrity photographers, David Bailey socialized with many of the cultural icons of the 60s — he lived with Mick Jagger, married the legendary French film actress Catherine Deneuve and had relationships with the models Jean Shrimpton and Penelope Tree. Along with Brian Duffy and Terence Donovan, he was one of the ’Terrible Trio’ — self-taught East End boys who rebelled against the precious style of fashion portraiture as practiced by society photographers like Cecil Beaton and Norman Parkinson. His own fame was confirmed when director Michelangelo Antonioni used him as inspiration for the character of fast-living photographer Thomas Hemmings in cult film «Blow-Up» (1966). Outside the world of fashion photography, Bailey has pursued numerous personal and commercial projects; documenting the streetscapes of London, photographing the people and places of Havana, Cuba, and producing an intimate series of portraits of model Catherine Bailey, his current wife. He has also created record-sleeve art, feature films, documentaries and around 500 commercials. The vigour and variety of his work has made him the subject of numerous exhibitions, including a major traveling show that opened at the Barbican, London, in 1999 entitled «The Birth of Cool». This handsome monograph provides an overview of Bailey’s career, including works from key monographs such as his debut Box of Pin-Ups (1964) and the controversial series The Lady is a Tramp (1995). The book, on a photographer whose reputation only continues to grow, will appeal to all photography enthusiasts and students, and to anyone with an interest in popular culture of the 1960s onwards.
Very Hungry Caterpillar Little Learn.Libr.(4-book), Carle Eric
Puffin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-34490-3
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This wonderful board book collection makes a perfect first library. Each book is filled with Eric Carle’s much-loved collage art and large, simple text. Ideal for little hands to hold the sturdy board pages are durable enough to withstand the rough and tumble of toddlers. Preschoolers will love learning with The Very Hungry Caterpillar! Slipcase Includes: — Animal sounds — Colours — Words — Numbers
Trials of Apollo 3: The Burning Maze (TPB), Riordan Rick
Puffin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-14-136400-1
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I WAS A GOD, ONCE. UNTIL I WAS CAST OUT BY MY FATHER, ZEUS. NOW I’M AN AWKWARD MORTAL TEENAGER CALLED LESTER. My way out? A series of scary and dangerous trials, of course. For my third mission, I must: Journey through the Labyrinth to free an Oracle who only speaks in puzzles. Defeat a vicious and bloodthirsty Roman Emperor — the most vicious of three very vicious and bloodthirsty Roman Emperors. Is that all? No, I’ve to do everything without any of my godly powers. Wonderful. Looks like I’ll be needing all the help I can get. From new friends, and old . . . This edition includes a Percy Jackson short story! Clarisse, daughter of Ares, the Greek god of war, needs Percy Jackson’s help. Her father’s chariot has been stolen and she has to get it back by sunset. The only hitch? The chariot-jackers are none other than her terrifying immortal brothers Phobos and Deimos. Can Percy and Clarisse get the chariot back before it’s too late?
Roald Dahl’s Opposites: (Lift-the-Flap board bk), Dahl Roald
Puffin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-33055-5
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One of two launch titles to begin an ongoing programme that will focus on the younger stories and animal characters, distinct from the established Roald Dahl middle-grade market. Day and Night, Big and Small, Hungry and Full — learn your opposites with the Enormous Crocodile! With one big flap and an ENORMOUS sturdy board book is perfect for little hands. A brilliant introduction to the world of Roald Dahl. Illustrated by Quentin Blake.
Roald Dahl’s 123 (board bk), Dahl Roald
Puffin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-33036-4
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One of two launch titles to begin an ongoing programme that will focus on the younger stories and animal characters, distinct from the established Roald Dahl middle-grade market. Count from 1 to 10 with the Enormous Crocodile! With one big flap and an ENORMOUS sturdy board book is perfect for little hands. A brilliant introduction to the world of Roald Dahl. Illustrated by Quentin Blake.
Fry Chronicles (Penguin Picks), Fry Stephen
Penguin Popular Classics, Penguin 2018, ISBN: 978-1-4059-3372-8
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I am English. Tweedy. Pukka. Confident. Establishment. Self-assured. In charge. That is how people like to see me, be the truth never so at variance. In fact, I am chronically overmastered by a sense of failure, underachievement and a terrible knowledge that I have betrayed, abused or neglected the talents that nature bestowed upon me... Stephen Fry arrived at Cambridge on probation — a convicted fraudster and thief, an addict, liar, fantasist and failed suicide, convinced that at any moment he would be found out and flung away. Instead, university life offered him love, romance and the chance to stand on a stage and entertain. This memoir is one of the boldest, bravest, most revealing and heartfelt accounts of a man’s formative years that you will ever have the exquisite pleasure of reading.
Be More Pirate Or How to Take On the World and Win
Penguin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-30788-5
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Pirates didn’t just break the rules, they rewrote them. They didn’t just reject society, they reinvented it. Pirates didn’t just challenge the status-quo, they changed everyfuckingthing. Pirates faced a self-interested establishment, a broken system, industrial scale disruption and an uncertain future. Sound familiar? Pirates stood for MISCHIEF, PURPOSE and POWER. And you can too. In Be More Pirate, Sam Conniff Allende unveils the innovative strategies of Golden Age pirates, drawing parallels between the tactics and teachings of legends like Henry Morgan and Blackbeard with modern rebels, like Elon Musk, Malala and Banksy. Featuring takeaway sections and a guide to build you own pirate code 2.0, Be More Pirate will show you how to leave your mark on the 21st century. Whatever your ambitions, ideas and challenges, Be More Pirate will revolutionize the way you live, think and work today, and tomorrow. So what are you waiting for? Order now and join the rebellion. Sam Conniff Allende is the founder and former CEO of Livity, a multi-award-winning youth marketing agency. Sam has led the unlikeliest collaborations between brands and bright young people on the edges of society, resulting in real innovation. He has worked with Google, Unilever, PlayStation and Dyson, and regularly speaks and runs Be More Pirate workshops at these industry-leading companies. Sam believes in the power of professional rule-breaking and is on a mission to instigate modern mutinies in organisations around the world, where the teams takeover the running of the ship to ultimately become more accountable, motivated and rebellious.
At the Mountains of Madness, Lovecraft Howard Phillips
Penguin English Library, Penguin 2018, ISBN: 978-0-241-34131-5
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’To that flash of semi-vision can be traced a full half of the horror which has ever since haunted us’ An expedition to Antarctica goes horribly wrong as a group of explorers stumbles upon some mysterious ancient ruins, with devastating consequences. At the Mountains of Madness ranks among Lovecraft’s most terrifying novellas, and is a firm favourite among fans of classic horror. The Penguin English Library — collectable general readers’ editions of the best fiction in English, from the eighteenth century to the end of the Second World War.
Смерть в Венеции = Der Tod in Venedig
Центр книги Рудомино 2018, ISBN: 978-5-00087-146-1
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Перевод повести, написанной Томасом Манном в 1911 году, сделан литературоведом-германистом, переводчиком Михаилом Рудницким с учетом уже существующих переводов на русский, принадлежащих М. И. Криту, Д. М. Горфинкелю и Н. Манн. Текст публикуется на немецком и русском языках. Издание адресовано всем ценителям творчества Т. Манна и интересующимся немецкой литературой XX века.
You Can’t Let an Elephant Drive a Digger (PB)
Bloomsbury 2018, ISBN: 978-1-4088-7914-6
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