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Milk and Honey. Белые стихи, покорившие мир, Каур Рупи
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Рупи Каур — индианка по происхождению, молодой, но всемирно известный писатель и художник. Ее стихи не имеют рифмы, но поражают в самое сердце. Ее иллюстрации символичны, но накаляют чувства. Ее книгу никто не хотел публиковать, но она стала мировым бестселлером. Лирический сборник Рупи Каур — это откровенная, смелая и чувственная поэзия, которая захватывает с первых строк. Каждый может найти в этих коротких, эмоционально сконцентрированных и проницательных историях что-то из собственной жизни. Рассказывая о трагедии детства, несчастной любви и боли своих потерь, Рупи Каур погружает читателя в противоречивое чувство прекрасной грусти, подтверждая заявленное: «Пройти сквозь самые горькие моменты жизни, чтобы обнаружить в них сладость, ведь она есть во всем». Переводы стихов публикуются вместе с оригинальными текстами на английском языке.
Topical diagnosis of diseases of the nervous system. Топическая диагностика заболеваний нервной сист, Карпов Сергей Михайлович, Долгова Ирина Николаевна
ГЭОТАР-Медиа 2018, ISBN: 978-5-9704-4501-3
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Учебник на английском и русском языках. The textbook is devoted to the issues of topical diagnostics in neurology. It presents the anatomical and physiological characteristics of various parts of the nervous system, the main syndromes of the nervous system are considered. The methods of examining the patient with the pathology of the nervous system have been visually and in detail consecrated. The textbook is intended for students of English-language faculties of medical universities, clinical residents and neurologists. Учебник посвящен вопросам топической диагностики в неврологии. В нем представлены анатомо-физиологические особенности различных отделов нервной системы. Рассмотрены основные синдромы поражения нервной системы, а также наглядно и подробно освещены методики обследования пациента с ее патологией. Учебник предназначен для студентов англоязычных факультетов медицинских вузов, клинических ординаторов и врачей-неврологов.
Textbook of Human Anatomy. Volume 3. Nervous system, Колесников Лев Львович, Никитюк Дмитрий Борисович, Клочкова Светлана Валерьевна
ГЭОТАР-Медиа 2018, ISBN: 978-5-9704-4562-4
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This book provides essential facts of human anatomy for medical students. It demonstrates the basic knowledge for exam preparation and practice review of visual experiences. Plenty of clear illustrations (more than 900 pictures, radiographic and cross-sectional images) help students memorize the topics of anatomy. Modern imaging technologies allow the depiction of organs and systems in a variety of ways to gain thorough knowledge and to link to the clinical setting. The content of the book corresponds to the Federal Program for medical education. Material is divided according to systemic anatomy into three volumes. Volume 3 contains information about nervous system structure (Central, Peripheral, Autonomic nervous systems) and sense organs.
Wing-and-Wing; or, Le feu-follet, Cooper James Fenimore
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06652-0
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James Fenimore Cooper was a prolifi c and popular American writer of the fi rst half of the 19th century. His historical romances of frontier and Indian life in the early American days created a unique form of American literature. The Wing-and-Wing; Or, Le Feu-Follet is a 1842 sea novel by James Fenimore Cooper. The novel includes a thematic interest in religiousity and faith. The novel also introduces metacriticism into Cooper’s sea fi ction, as does The Sea Lions, unlike earlier novels which typically also focused on nautical and nationalist themes.
The Woman in White, Collins Wilkie
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06801-2
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Wilkie Collins was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer. His best-known works are The Woman in White (1859), No Name (1862), Armadale (1866) and The Moonstone (1868). The last is considered the first modern English detective novel. Sister Rose is a part of After Dark.
The New Magdalen, Collins Wilkie
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06457-1
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William Wilkie Collins was an English novelist, playwright, and short story writer. The adoptive daughter of a wealthy aristocrat is waiting for a profi table marriage. What hides her past? She lived in a shelter, dragged on a miserable existence and in a moment of desperation she appropriated other people’s documents, another’s life story. But the specter of the past breaks into a real life — a deceived miser requires an answer. Will the Princes have enough courage to turn into Cinderella, sacrifice love and wealth?
The Headsman: The Abbaye des Vignerons, Cooper James Fenimore
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06647-6
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One of the Cooper’s «European trilogy», The Headsman set in Switzerland. The novel was inspired by one of Cooper’s trips during his European travels in 1832. The novel explores a number of themes related to how society structures itself, including justice, authority, friendship, parental relationships, love and marriage.
The Deerslayer, Cooper James Fenimore
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06650-6
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One of the greatest heroes in American literature, Natty Bumppo is the rugged frontiersman of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leatherstocking Tales. A restless white youth raised by Indians, Natty Bumppo is called Deerslayer for the daring that sets him apart from his peers. But he has yet to meet the test of the human conflict. In a tale of violent action and superbly sustained suspense, the harsh realities of tribal warfare. Still yet another kind of initiation awaits him when he discovers not only the ruthlessness of «civilized» men, but also the special danger of a woman’s will. His reckless spirit, transformed into a mature courage and moral certainty, the Deerslayer emerges to face life with nobility as pure and proud as the wilderness.
The Days of My Life, Haggard Henry Rider
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06638-4
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An autobiography of Henry Rider Haggard, an English writer, largely of adventure fiction. He was also involved in agricultural reform throughout the British Empire. His stories, situated at the lighter end of Victorian literature, continue to be popular and influential.
The Bravo, Cooper James Fenimore
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06645-2
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The Bravo was inspired by a James Fenimore Cooper’s trip to Europe where he traveled through much of Italy. This novel set in Venice and it is the first of Cooper’s three novels to be set in Europe. The book largely focuses on political themes ecially the tension between the social elite and other classes.
The Black Robe, Collins Wilkie
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06794-7
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The Black Robe is an 1881 epistolary novel by famed English writer, Wilkie Collins. In this novel of relationships, psychological contortion, and deceit, a priest comes between an impressionable man and the young woman he loves. Collins is best known for originating the genre of the «sensation novel» that is the precursor of the modern suspense and detective novels.
Precaution, Cooper James Fenimore
Original, Т8 2018, ISBN: 978-5-521-06639-1
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Precaution is the first novel written by American author James Fenimore Cooper. It was written in imitation of contemporary English domestic novels like those of Jane Austen and Amelia Opie. In the customary practice of the day Cooper was reading aloud to his wife one evening from a current English novel, but found the story dull. Throwing it aside, he declared, "I could write a better book than that myself. "
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