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Москва. Советская монументальная мозаика 1925–1991

Автор: Хилл Джеймс, Петрова Анна, Куделина Евгения
Издательство: Dom Publishers
Год издания: 2022
ISBN: 9783869220796
Серия: Art Architecture
Наличие: на складе


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Designing a childcare facility, whether it is a creche, kindergarten, or preschool, involves many challenges. The architect must focus on the needs of the users, who include both the children and the adult carers, while complying with a large number of rules and regulations, which are made all the more complex by the fact that they rarely reference buildings for children explicitly. But above all, the architect must create structures that optimally meet the contem­porary pedagogical and architectural requirements of an institution dedicated to children. This is the first manual specially dedicated to the long-neglected kindergarten building typology. It presents 60 contemporary childcare buildings from across the world in detail, with large photos, plans, and drawings, providing deep insights into what is an exceedingly complicated design task. Moreover, the book outlines ten design parameters that architects can turn to for guidance. Finally, specialist articles by ­experts delve deeper into the practical consider­ations that are required to successfully plan, design, and operate a childcare facility.
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The redevelopment of historical centres became an important policy field in the era of European dictatorships following the First World War. At that time historical centres were regarded as shabby and as tarnishing the desired image of a magnificent new city, of a showcase of the dictatorship. This led to the widespread demolition of older buildings. Historical streets and squares disappeared and were replaced by new apartments and workplaces for the loyal middle classes, by car-friendly roads and ostentatious new buildings. Nevertheless, the redevelopment of historical centres did not exclusively mean the eradication of the ‘old town’. The aim of the dictatorship in many cases was also the preservation, and often the cultic display, of historical testimonials to past greatness. The book presents examples of the redevelopment of historical centres in Mussolini’s Italy (Rome, Brescia, Bologna, Naples), in Stalin’s Soviet Union (Moscow), in Hitler’s Germany (Berlin), in Salazar’s Portugal (Lisbon, Evora, Obidos) and in Franco’s Spain (Madrid, Toledo, Barcelona, Zaragoza, Santillana del Mar). These are followed by a brief summary of the history of the redevelopment of historical centres in Europe. This volume represents the very first attempt to identify the commonalities and differences in the redevelopment of historical centres in dictatorships in Europe in the first half of the 20th century.
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Post-Civil War Spain used the countryside as locus and symbol for the reconstruction and modernisation of the state. The Modern Village in Franco’s Spain studies the reconstruction of the towns devastated between 1936 and 1939. It analyses the ideological, political, and urbanistic principles of Franco’s hydro-social programme of modernisation of the countryside through the creation of man-made landscapes (Kulturlandschaften) of dams, irrigation canals, electric power plants, and new settlements — a genuine experiment in water urbanism. The consequent strategy of interior colonisation entailed the construction of 300 new villages or pueblos, each designed as a ‘rural utopia’ centred on a plaza mayor, which embodied, between tradition and modernity, the political ideal of civil life under the national-catholic regime. In the 1950s? -?1960s, a new generation of architects, including Jose Luis Fernandez del Amo, Alejandro de la Sota, and Antonio Fernandez Alba, reimagined the pueblos as platforms of urban and architectonic experimentation in their search for an abstracted rural vernacular and an organic urban form merging with the landscape.
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After its golden age in the last decades of the 20th century, diagramming is still an experimental practice today, but it focuses on the synthesis of complexity and on new disciplinary territories on the edge between humanities, art, architecture, urban planning and landscape. This manual presents experimental diagrams through sensing, analysing and transforming space. The contributions critically delineate diagrammatic behaviours in architectural history, present the design practices of offices such as AZPML and MVRDV, take the medium to its extreme consequences, and outline future trajectories.
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The cycle of production and consumption, artificially ­accelerated by advertising and marketing, has charac­terised our society for decades. This cycle has recently also taken hold of the architecture of the city, leading to a waste that is both economically and ecologically unacceptable. The destruction of buildings that are not actually obsolete is just as questionable as the production of extravagant architectures for which there is no real need. This book is a protest against the merciless globalisation of the city and its dissolution into faceless, inhospitable peripheries. At the same time, it puts forward alternative strategies of urban design to counteract such globalisation and dissolution. It formulates a different approach to urbanism, one which views the city not as a ­carnivalesque display of vanities but as a sophisti­cated spatial construction that lays down the conditions for a productive, sociable, serene, and happy life.
Stalin’s Architect. The Rise and Fall of Boris Iofan, Iofan Boris
Art Architecture, Dom Publishers 2022, ISBN: 9783869228082
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Boris Iofan (1891? -?1976) was considered Josef Stalin’s ‘court architect’ due to his closeness to the dictator, whose design ideas he translated into reality. His name is associated with projects such as the House on the Embankment, the Soviet pavilion at the 1937 Paris World’s Fair and the Palace of the Soviets, which was never realised. In the period from 1932 to 1947, he was one of the most important, if not the most important architect of the Soviet Union. This biography, a detailed study of Iofan’s creative development, is based on previously unpublished documents. It also contains never-before-published visual material, including original drawings and sketches by the architect and his collaborators: most of this comes from Iofan’s archive, which is now in the collection of the Museum fur Architekturzeichnung in Berlin.
Eastern Block Stories. Visualising Housing Estates from, Gurgenidze Tinatin
Art Architecture, Dom Publishers 2022, ISBN: 9783869221182
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The title Eastern Block Stories features a dozen of articles and over 60 unique hand-picked images about mass housing estates in former communist states. This book aims to address the blind spots to take a closer look at the major challenges for post-socialist housing estates today and imagine what could be their future. Besides stories from Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Poland and Germany unique photographic material which covers cases from more than ten countries is included. The major take of this book is to unveil the diversity of the Eastern blocks alive and the richness of their urban context besides a stigmatizing and alienating gaze.
Moscow. Monumental Soviet Mosaics 1925 - 1991, Hill James, Petrova Anna, Kudelina Evgeniya
Art Architecture, Dom Publishers 2022, ISBN: 9783869220680
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While in other Soviet cities and republics monumental mosaics became common in the 1960s, in Moscow mosaic was used for art-deco works and social realist ’pictures’. The entire history of Soviet art is thus reflected in Moscow’s metro stations, palaces of culture, military museums, hospitals, schools, and prefabricated houses. Today, many of these works are disappearing before our eyes, victims of destruction or dismantling; the majority are not listed as under state protection, and a great number of their authors are unknown. This book collects 140 Soviet-era mosaics and arranges them in chronological order. It contains four main sections — Art Deco, Socialist Realism, Modernism, and Postmodernism — and includes a list of 295 mosaics that have been identified. This guide shows well-known works by Aleksander Deyneka, Pavel Korin, Boris Chernyshev, Evgeny Ablin, Yury Korolev, and Leonid Polishchuk side by side with mosaics by artists whose names were for a long time absent from the history of art and architecture. The idea for it came from American photographer James Hill, who spent three years seeking out and photographing works of Soviet monumental art that have not received the attention they deserve and that in the post-Soviet period have often been dismissed as propaganda.
The Melnikov House. Icon of the Avant-Garde, Family Home, Architecture Museum, Kuznetsov Pavel
Art Architecture, Dom Publishers 2022, ISBN: 9783869224367
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The Melnikov House, a building designed by architect Konstantin Melnikov in Moscow for his family (1927-1929), is an icon of the architectural avant-garde. The house was originally built as an experimental cylindrical house to test out Konstantin Melnikov’s very own concept of mass construction of residential estates. This book covers the house in its current condition — during its transformation from a family home to the State Melnikovs Museum.
Building for a Changing Culture and Climate. World Atlas of Sustainable Architecture, Pfammatter Ulrich, Behnisch Stefan
Art Architecture, Dom Publishers 2022, ISBN: 9783869222820
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The author of this book aims to encourage an awareness of sustainability as it is implemented across all areas of planning and design, and the ability to think and act on this knowledge. This book will explore in genuine depth the sustainable strategies that could be applied, along with the practical work of key figures in the built environment, setting these against historical experiences and traditional cultures. It also aimes to revive the discourse around these subjects. Achieving this will require the involvement of architects and structural, energy and environmental engineers, construction businesses and specialists, research institutes and universities. The five chapters and 333 show-cased projects reflect important stages in the architectural and engineering-based design process, stages which need to be addressed when dealing with sustainable strategies in the built environment.
Galina Balashova. Architect of the Soviet Space
Art Architecture, Dom Publishers 2022, ISBN: 9783869229003
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This monograph on the work of the Russian architect Galina Balashova presents a unique collection of designs for Soviet cosmonautics. These include plans and engineering drawings for Soyuz capsules and the space stations Salyut and Mir. Balashova acted as a consultant to the Buran programme, the Soviet counterpart to the American Space Shuttle.

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