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Литература на английском языке

Маленькие женщины, Олкотт Луиза Мэй
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Данное издание предлагает особую методику интегрированного чтения. В книгу вошло знаменитое на весь мир произведение Луизы Мэй Олкотт «Маленькие женщины», которое дается не только на английском языке, но и с переводом на русский с интегрированием в него английских слов. Понять их значение не составит труда благодаря интуитивному восприятию информации, а проверить себя вы сможете благодаря словарю, который дается в книге. Закрепить свои знания и потренироваться можно, прочитав отрывок на английском языке. Издание подойдет для любого уровня владения языком.
Скотный двор. Уровень 2, Оруэлл Джордж
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«Скотный двор» — сатирическая повесть-притча Джорджа Оруэлла. Она рассказывает о группе домашних животных, восставших против своего хозяина — фермера Джонса — надеясь создать общество, в котором животные были бы свободны, равны и счастливы. Но в конце концов восстание обернулось разочарованием, так как жизнь на ферме стала еще тяжелее, чем прежде, под диктаторством свиньи по имени Наполеон. Текст сопровождается комментариями и словарем, облегчающим чтение. Предназначается для начинающих изучать английский язык (уровень 1 — Elementary).
Pharmacology = Фармакология, Аляутдин Ренад Николаевич
ГЭОТАР-Медиа 2022, ISBN: 978-5-9704-6956-9
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This textbook contains information in all areas of general and specifi c pharmacology. The basic volume is preceded by the two references to the world and Russian history of pharmacology which outline the key milestones of pharmacology development in the global and domestic framework. The foremost authors’ goal for this title was to create a clear presentation of the basic concepts and processes of pharmacodynamics, pharmacokinetics, and the mechanisms of drugs action. Pharmacology is an extremely dynamic science, and since the fi rst edition, new drugs, as well as groups of drugs, have been developed, such as those for the treatment of SARS-CoV-2 infection. The chapter on antiviral agents is devoted to these drugs. Notwithstanding the concise narrative, the textbook contains information on all drugs included in the academic program on pharmacology, as well as the new pharmaceutical products and lately established mechanisms of their action. This book is intended for students of medical and pharmaceutical higher education institutions, physicians, and pharmacists. It can also be instrumental for pharmacology educators in preparation for lectures and seminars.
Основы фармакологии. Essentials of Pharmacology, Козловский Валерий Иванович, Вдовиченко Владимир Петрович, Борисенок Ольга Александровна
Вышэйшая школа 2022, ISBN: 978-985-06-3396-5
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Учебное пособие представляет собой систематизированную информацию по основным разделам фармакологии: общей фармакологии, нейротропным средствам, средствам, влияющим на функции сердечно-сосудистой, дыхательной и других систем организма, химиотерапевтическим средствам. В пособии даются основные аспекты фармакодинамики и фармакокинетики лекарственных средств, их применения в клинике. Предыдущее издание вышло в 2019 г. Для иностранных студентов учреждений высшего образования по специальностям «Лечебное дело», «Педиатрия».
Rome’s Sacred Flame, Fabbri Robert
Atlantic 2018, ISBN: 9781782397069
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Rome, AD 63. Vespasian has been made Governor of Africa. Nero, Rome’s increasingly unpredictable Emperor, orders him to journey with his most trusted men to a far-flung empire in Africa to free 500 Roman citizens who have been enslaved by a desert kingdom. Vespasian arrives at the city to negotiate their emancipation, hoping to return to Rome a hero and find himself back in favour with Nero. But when Vespasian reaches the city, he discovers a slave population on the edge of revolt. With no army to keep the population in check, it isn’t long before tensions spill over into bloody chaos. Vespasian must escape the city with all 500 Roman citizens and make their way across a barren desert, battling thirst and exhaustion, with a hoard of rebels at their backs. It’s a desperate race for survival, with twists and turns aplenty. Meanwhile, back in Rome, Nero’s extravagance goes unchecked. All of Rome’s elite fear for their lives as Nero’s closest allies run amok. Can anyone stop the Emperor before Rome devours itself? And if Nero is to be toppled, who will be the one to put his head in the lion’s mouth?
Paul Cezanne. A-Z, Rubin James H.
Юпитер-Импэкс 2021, ISBN: 9783775749138
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The incomparable play of light and color in Paul Cezanne’s work was the foundation of his reputation as a forerunner of modernism. From the start he went his own way, and his paintings initially evoked a lack of understanding in art critics of the time, as well as ridicule. Despite his romantic, baroque, impressionist, and finally classical influences, it is still difficult to ascribe Cezanne to any particular art movement. Still, which specific places left lasting impressions on the scion of a provincial banker’s family? What and who were major influences supporting and advancing his innovative oeuvre? James H. Rubin traces Cezanne’s life and work from A to Z in this brief volume, creating an image of a painter who wanted to transform painting itself. The author-and established connoisseur-succeeds in closely approaching the artist while at the same time maintaining the necessary distance to his inimitable paintings.
The State Tretyakov Gallery, Tregulova Zelfira
Юпитер-Импэкс 2021, ISBN: 9781785512834
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The State Tretyakov in Moscow is the world’s foremost repository of Russian fine art. It was founded in 1856 by the influential merchant and collector Pavel Tretyakov, who presented it as a gift to the city in 1892. It is now an extensive museum complex, encompassing several buildings and containing over 130,000 exhibits, ranging from exquisite and mysterious 12th century icons to politically charged works of 20th century Soviet socialist realism. However, it remains true to its original aims of connecting the people of Russia to their cultural identity and sharing this rich heritage with the wider world. In this book, Director Zelfira Tregulova selects her personal highlights from this vast collection, providing a revealing insight into the history and meaning behind some of the world’s most significant artworks.
Monotowns. Soviet Landscapes of Post-Industrial Russia, Navarro David, Sobecka (Zupagrafika) Martyna
Zupagrafika 2021, ISBN: 9788395057489
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Through nine chapters with over 130 photographs taken by Russian photographer Alexander Veryovkin, Monotowns by Zupagrafika captures the post-industrial landscapes and Soviet-era architecture of the monogorods extending from the Arctic Circle to the Russian Far East, such as Vorkuta, Norilsk, Mirny, Kirovsk, Tolyatti, Cherepovets, Magnitogorsk, Monchegorsk and Nikel, and the daily lives of their inhabitants. Includes informative texts providing a valuable insight into the urban development of the featured cities and a foreword by the architectural critic Konstantin Budarin.
From the Outside. My Journey Through Life and the Game I Love, Allen Ray
Harper Collins USA 2022, ISBN: 9780062675484
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The record-holding two-time NBA champion and recently inducted hall-of-famer reflects on his work ethic, his on-the-court friendships and rivalries, the great teams he’s played for, and what it takes to have a long and successful career in this thoughtful, in-depth memoir. Playing in the NBA for eighteen years, Ray Allen won championships with the Boston Celtics and the Miami Heat and entered the record books as the original king of the three-point shot. Known as one of the hardest-working and highest-achieving players in NBA history, this most dedicated competitor was legendary for his sharp shooting. From the Outside, complete with a foreword by Spike Lee, is his story in his words: a no-holds-barred look at his life and career, filled with behind-the-scenes stories and surprising revelations about the game he has always cherished. Allen talks openly about his fellow players, coaches, owners, and friends, including LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Kevin Garnett. He reveals how, as a kid growing up in a military family, he learned about responsibility and respect--the key to making those perfect free throws and critical three-point shots. From the Outside is the portrait of a gifted athlete and a serious man with a strongly defined philosophy about the game and the right way it should be played--a philosophy that, at times, set him apart from colleagues and coaches, while inspiring so many others, and lead to the most pivotal shot of his career: the unforgettable 3-pointer in the final seconds of Game 6 of the 2013 NBA finals against the San Antonio Spurs. Throughout, Allen makes clear that success in basketball is as much about what happens off the court as on, that devotion and commitment are the true essence of the game--and of life itself.
Soviet Design. From Constructivism To Modernism. 1920-1980, Krasnyanskaya Kristina, Semenov Alexander
Scheidegger und Spiess 2020, ISBN: 9783858818461
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The Soviet Union has left a vast heritage in interior design that is largely unknown in the West. Other than architecture and graphic or product design, interior design from the Soviet era has not yet been thoroughly investigated. For the first time ever, this book offers a comprehensive survey of the country’s interior design culture between revolutionary avant-garde and late Soviet modernism. Drawing on archives that were inaccessible until recently and featuring a wealth of previously unpublished material, it documents the achievements of seven decades in the former socialist empire. Soviet design is often discredited as massive, non-ergonomic and monotonous. Yet a remarkable variety of original styles have emerged behind the iron curtain. The 1920s were marked by bold exploration and experiments at Vkhutemas and by constructivism, rationalism, and suprematism. Early in Stalin’s reign constructivism was heavily criticised and post-constructivism and Soviet neo-classicism appeared alongside what became known as ’agitational furniture’, inspired by the regime’s propaganda. The 1930s brought Soviet Art Deco and eventually Stalinist Empire, which has produced some of the Soviet Union’s most iconic buildings. In the late 1950s, after Stalin’s death, the last Soviet ’big style’ originated modernist and functionalist furniture, mass-produced to fit the small apartments in the Khrushchyovka multi-unit housing developments that were built in cities on a large scale. The 1960s mark the Golden Age of Soviet interior design, showing again influences by the early Soviet Avant-Garde and the Bauhaus, while most of the visionary work of a new generation of designers in the 1970s and 1980s remained unrealised.
Leonardo da Vinci, Emison Patricia
Colour Library, Phaidon 2011, ISBN: 9780714862552
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The latest addition to the best-selling Colour Library series of introductory books on the great masters and movements in art features all Leonardo’s painted works and a detailed illustrated introduction.
Victoria Hagan. Live Now, Hugan Victoria, Colman David
Art Interiors, Rizzoli 2022, ISBN: 9780847870967
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As an acclaimed interior designer and member of the AD100 and the Interior Design Hall of Fame, Victoria Hagan had achieved the highest pinnacle of success in her field. But when 2020 arrived, she found herself, like all of us, at home, seeing her life and her space with fresh eyes. The result is this book a creative manifesto and a life-affirming look at the nature of home, and how it connects and calms us, comforts and nourishes us. Beautifully designed with a luxurious oversize package that includes gatefolds, Live Now celebrates the quiet and extraordinary beauty of the everyday. Open windows beckon, through which we glimpse the ocean, its hues echoed in the interior palette. A chair for reading waits on a patio, overlooking an expanse of hills. Fresh corn and strawberries from the farmers market tumble over a kitchen table. The 12 dwellings featured in Live Now may range in style, but all share the soothing, light-filled palette, serenity of mood, and aesthetic rigor for which Hagan is renowned, as well as a deep connection to their surroundings, from Sonoma to Palm Beach, Manhattan to Martha s Vineyard.
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