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Литература на иностранном языке для детей

Жанр: Билингвы и книги на иностранных языках / Литература на иностранном языке для детей
Ella’s Night Lights, Fleming Lucy
Walker Books 2021, ISBN: 9781406394696
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If you look very carefully at the night sky, you might spot a teeny-tiny sparkle out of the corner of your eye, a whisper of a tinkling trail… That’s Ella. Ella has always dreamed of seeing the sunrise. But with her delicate gossamer wings, she can only come out at night. So, when the moon is high, she collects as many shimmering beams of light she can find — a twinkle from a star, the glow from a lamp post. With her light, she guides lost and lonely animals and finds friendship in Fox and Owl. And, together, Ella’s animal friends know just how to return her kindness... A gentle, tender storybook about friendship and the power of kindness.
That’s not my Christmas Fairy..., Watt Fiona
Touchy-feely sound books, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781801310802
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Enjoy Christmas with five colourful fairies in this delightful title in the well-loved That’s not my... series. Babies and toddlers will love exploring the tactile touchy-feely patches and looking for the familiar little white mouse.
Ten-Pin Penguins, Punter Russell
Phonics Readers, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474983167
829руб Купить
Benji the penguin would like to win the South Pole bowling contest. Unfortunately, his bowling’s all over the place and he only manages to hit one of the ten pins! But perhaps he’s won a different competition, without even realizing it?
Sticker Dolly Stories. Waterlily Ball, Davidson Zanna
Usborne Sticker Stories, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474974769
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Meera, Sophia and Olivia, the Princess Dolls, are on an urgent mission to the River Kingdom on the Majestic Isle. It’s the day of the Waterlily Ball, but the River Princess has flooded the ballroom! Somehow, the Princess Dolls must find a way for the biggest dance of the year to go ahead...and time is running out!
Sticker Dolly Stories. Christmas Mystery, Davidson Zanna
Usborne Sticker Stories, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474988858
829руб Купить
A Christmas special in the new Sticker Dolly fiction series, inspired by the Sticker Dolly Dressing books. It’s Christmas Eve, and the Christmas Dolls get a call from Mission Control — all the presents have been stolen from Santa’s workshop, and even worse, one of the elves is missing! Santa is away fetching the reindeer, and the elves don’t know what to do. It’s now up to the Christmas Dolls, Star, Robin and Clara, to save Christmas.
Sticker Dolly Dressing. Winter Wonderland, Watt Fiona
Usborne Sticker Stories, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474999526
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Join the dolls as they choose and decorate a Christmas tree, have a walk in a snowy forest, go ice skating on a snowy afternoon and watch as twinkly Christmas lights are switched on. Have fun choosing their outfits and adding lots of other fashion accessories.
Sticker Dolly Dressing. Unicorns and Mermaids, Watt Fiona
Usborne Sticker Books, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474996020
1286руб Купить
Children will adore this magical activity book, filled with fantastical unicorns and delightfully diverse mermaids. Scenes include rainbows in the sky, diving under the sea to gather pearls, meeting a mermaid queen, finding a treasure chest and lots more. With hundreds of stickers of clothes, accessories, decorations, flowers and sea creatures to add to the scenes, this appealing activity book can be enjoyed time and time again.
Sparkly Unicorns. Sticker Book, Pickersgill Kristie
Usborne Sticker Books, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474995580
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Join the unicorns and their fairy friends as they splash through waterfalls, explore crystal caves and play in the enchanted forest. Add sparkly stickers to bring the fantastical scenes to life.
See Inside Evolution, Bone Emily
Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474952798
1286руб Купить
Where did life come from? Why do animals look the way they do? How did it all happen? Find out about the incredible story of evolution, from the very first life to the amazing variety of plants and animals on Earth today. With lots of flaps to lift and a gentle, narrative style.
How Does it Work?, Daynes Katie
Usborne Lift-the-Flap-Books, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474989886
1286руб Купить
This excellent addition to the ever popular Questions & Answers series lifts the flap on all kinds of gadgets, systems and ideas. It answers questions such as How does electricity get into our walls? Why do waves go up and down? and Where does money come from? Perfect for every inquisitive child.
How a Recycling Truck Works, Bryan Lara
Peep inside a fairy tale, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474986083
1039руб Купить
Beep, Beep! The recycling truck has arrived! Peep under flaps and through holes to find out how it works, as it trundles around town collecting recycling and taking it to the sorting factory. This friendly introduction to the topic of recycling is perfect for little hands and curious minds.
Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Milbourne Anna
Peep inside a fairy tale, Usborne 2021, ISBN: 9781474968805
1286руб Купить
Peep through the trees right inside the three bears’ tidy, inviting little cottage. Follow Goldilocks as she cheekily eats the bears’ porridge, sits on their chairs and snuggles up in their beds. With a charming new twist at the end, this beloved fairy tale is retold in a gorgeous laser-cut book with holes and flaps.
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